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Lunch Aunty and her kitchen

Lunch Aunty

At some point in time, in our lives as grown-ups, we would have longed for “Maa ke Haath ka Khaana”. In the fast paced life that we live today, we invariably find it difficult to emulate this with our children. Not to worry as Lunch Aunty, the wonder woman, is here to your rescue, churning out a mix of the finest of traditional and modern day culinary, packed with her immense love for the young ones

The Curator and Founder, Ms Nihar Sampat, who is also passionately known as Lunch Aunty by is an individual who is extremely passionate about churning out the right mix to make one happy and healthy. She employs innovative ways to keep the interest of the children alive and ensure that they are one happy bunch.

Lunch Aunty thinks like a scientist, organizes like an accountant, plates like an artist and cooks with all her heart.

Ms. Nihaar is a woman who can’t be held back by the norms. She isn’t afraid to get creative and come up with innovative, exciting and seasonal menus for children, who are, let’s face it - bored quite easily.

She, along with her dedicated (and equally passionate) staff works together day after day and strives to make it the best experience for all the children.

Because Food is the Ingredient that binds them all together!

Lunch Aunty Container

Safety & Hygiene

Hygiene is of the highest priority, and all steps to ensure the safety of food is exercised. All the staff members, be it cooking or non-cooking have been sensitized on this aspect, and trained extensively to maintain a very high standard of cleanliness, right from the point of handling raw materials, to the point of food being served to children”. The kitchen as well as all the other operational areas are cleaned every day, and a deep cleaning carried through every weekend. The premises has been secured to make it rodent free, and periodic checks and actions carried out to ensure the kitchen is free from all pests.

Fresh Water

At our Kitchen,Premium Water Purifier is used for purifying water and effectively removing the harmful entities present in it.

Our water system is tested for quality and compliance with industry standards.

Kitchen Area

The State of the Art Kitchen makes Food look like a dream! Even the Parents want a Bite of it! The Goal of feeding Healthy and Nutritional Food for your Growing Child is a High Priority! And Lunch Aunty herself inspects every meal prepared for your Child making sure they have enjoyed & filled their stomach with Yummy Food!

Storage Area

Custom-made Storage area with fencing and clean area for storage of pulses and other provisions. The layout of the Storage facility is made in such a way that the process of Packaging is made easier.

Highly Secured

Our new Kitchen has been designed and executed with High Security and well spaced environment to create a unique process for preparation and packaging.

This has resulted in faster delivery and have made sure that Freshly prepared meals have been over checked before delivery

Admin Office

Our administration office is setup at the facility to overlook entire operations of the tiffin's and making daily checks on equipments, supplies and also provide communications to the Parents to update them with latest updates from our Kitchen.

Good Food bring Good Mood!

Be rest assured that Lunch Aunty lives by the thought that there is no sincere love than serving food to kids because the most indispensable ingredient of all good home cooking is the love for those you’re cooking for.

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